Staff Enhancement

Tim is forever grateful for his life experiences where he has not only learnt on a professional level of training, but more importantly learning from his own personal experiences.  Many professionals learn the theory, but often have not experienced first hand of what really works for every individual. His 30 years of experience working in the Disability Sector, starting as a client after his arm was amputated in a farming accident, to being the Client Service Manager and responsible for over 60 clients and staff.  Tim fully understands the importance of having a positive team of staff that work as a team and being on the same page, implementing the company’s standards, missions statement and policies, which are what makes a company tick.

Tim’s commitment and positive attitude has given him the amazing ability to help others,  giving him the wisdom and belief in everyone he comes in contact with. Gratitude is his key to life and helping others his purpose.

Tim, through his company Every Breath has developed his own unique tools to assist organisations and companies to motivate and enhance their staff’s knowledge, by taking them through sessions designed to enhance their life’s as well as their work life & ethics. These tools have been proven to genuinely work, therefore enabling them to give their all to their workplace on a more structured and positive level.

What puts our company at the forefront is that this is not just theory, but the practical experience and tools developed by Tim over the 30 year period that work.

Tim’s amazing team at Every Breath collaborate to design each program to suit the needs of each organisation to assist them to reach their professional goals.

These include;

  • Tim’s key to life
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Mission Statement
  • Believing in all
  • The Why Factor
  • Adapting yourself to your clients
  • Ability to build rapport

Tim is at the forefront of each and every project we manage and hands on at every step to guide and assist your staff and therefore your company to reach it’s full potential.

Tim is not just available for motivational talks & team building, but also one-on-one life coaching programs,

In addition to the above programs, Tim also specializes in the Disability Sector with the following programs available;

  • Disability Standards checks
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Duty of care
  • Dignity of Risk

Every Breath welcomes your enquiries and hope we can assist you and your staff to grow towards a better future.