About Us

Tim Cramer , Personal Development Consultant

Every Breath is a Consultant Agency offering a range of services. Specializing in Motivational Speaking, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, other programs include Staff Development and Team Building aimed at small and large groups, companies as well as single clientele.

We assist one on one to guide individuals through their journey to ‘Own Their Own Identity’ by focusing on our model of Gratitude, Belief and Health. We guide those looking for growth in their life’s journey both personal and professionally by using a variety of tools developed by Tim over a 30 year career, including ‘The WHY Factor’, ‘Life Guitar’ and ‘Soaring with 747’. These techniques have proven to assist our clients.

Relevant to being a qualified Hypnotherapist, Tim  has been trained with utilising expert  blueprints  proven to assist clients to:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Reduce Anxiety/Depression
  • Weight Loss

Our company services small and large groups and companies tailoring our programs to suit the needs of our clientele:

  • ‘own your own identity’ -This program is used with high schools, individuals, groups and companies
  • ‘the WHY factor – This is a tool designed to assist individuals to gain a better understanding of WHY others act or behave in such a manner. For example it allows staff to better understand and adapt to their client’s needs.
  • Tim’s ‘Key to life’ -The journey that brought him to his positive happy life.


Tim’s certification includes the following:

  • Advanced Diploma – Disability
  • Diploma – Life Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Cert IV – Trainer/ Assessor
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

Including experience in Case Management – Disability Sector