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The fast paced world in which we live often appears to be passing us by. Like a whirlwind we are swept up into the hectic stresses of life being it work, exams, parenthood, family or other external influences affecting our everyday life.  But are we taking life for granted? Are we taking time to appreciate ‘Every Breath’????

Tim Cramer is a motivator – a positive influence on the lives of those lucky enough to encounter him. He builds life long friendships touching the hearts of many. Tim has changed the lives of so many over the past 30 years. During a fulfilling career in disability management, he was able to connect, adapt and enhance the employee’s abilities. He honed in on their needs, assessed their intellectual, physical and mental capabilities by being able to ascertain their skill levels enabling them to expand their expertise and knowledge thus giving them better quality of life.

Despite having his arm almost amputated in his teenage years, there has never been a day since that he hasn’t appreciated every day and every breath.  His magnetic personality gives him the ability to build rapport with everyone he meets. Strangers stop him in the street or just walking on the beach, then with a tear in their eye, thank him for reminding them what is important in life.

Tim’s Journey is now taking him to schools, sporting clubs and businesses, enabling him to share his expertise and spread his wisdom to ‘Live Life by making Every Breath count‘. His intuitive nature allows him to adapt to groups large and small, engaging them and allowing them to follow the path they desire. Tim has designed several tools that accompany him on his inspirational journey, including ‘The Why Factor’, ‘Key to Life’, ‘Owning your Identity’ and ‘The Life Guitar’,  and these together with other successful resources will engage staff, students and others alike to inspire them to achieve their goals by living a more fulfilled life.

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