Each of us, if lucky, are given 30,000 days in this life as we know it now. By utilizing the latest proven techniques and tools which have been developed systematically over a twenty year period and Tim’s 30 years experience changing peoples lives, Tim can make a difference in your life.

  • When you are lacking motivation or feeling ‘stuck’, Tim CAN HELP YOU.
  • Feeling anxious or depressed, or finding life just too hard, Tim CAN HELP YOU.
  • Seeking a new direction in your life or looking to enhance your current life, Tim CAN HELP YOU.

Tim is a qualified Life Coach (Coach Mastery) specializing in Personal Development for all, first and foremost by believing in all of his clients without judgement and also utilizing specialist templates that have been proven to work for all walks of life.

Tim utilises 12 NPL certified techniques and tools in these sessions to assist you to unlock or change all areas of your life. By giving you the ability to open up dialogue it allows you to see what drives the inner you and understand what is important in your life, guiding you to change your actions to achieve your goals in life.

Every Breath offers those seeking a change for the better, a FREE  introductory consultation, allowing you the client to  connect with Tim in a comfortable friendly and safe environment and feel open to enhance your life with all the course offers.

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