While studying in Sydney, Tim gained his certificate in Conscious Hypnosis due to the realization of the huge benefits it has had on himself after loosing the use of his arm and also his father who was at the scene of Tim’s accident.

Tim’s journey into practicing Hypnotherapy commenced 2014 relevant to his father and Tim’s Near Death Experience. It was his father who was mentally scarred from the trauma of finding Tim pinned in an old grain harvester with his arm almost completely amputated.  He miraculously freed him, but the mental trauma and guilt stayed with him.  The shock that Tim was in, protected him from any pain and mental horror from eventuating to this day.

Tim’s father is one of the toughest men he has ever met, both mentally and physically, and although the accident had a huge impact on his father’s life, he never showed it and always spoke positive. It was 35 years later that he confided in Tim with something no-one else knew, that some time after the accident, due to him not being able to cope with the trauma of what had happened, he sought help from a Hypnotherapist. He had never really believed hypnotherapy, but needed to do something. He had one session and said it helped him immensely. This has taught Tim that if you truly are wanting change and are willing, Hypnotherapy definitely works and it can help YOU as long as you want it to.

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