Meet Tim

Personal Development Consultant

Tim Cramer has over 30 years of experience transforming lives with his charismatic passion for life. He has the capability of tuning into your internal frequency and rapidly building rapport. His recipe for success lies in his, non-judgmental belief in all, ability to adapt and ascertain why a person reacts the way they do, then implement positive psychology. Tim attributes this to his near death experience (nde) when he was 17 years old, when his whole life changed, his attitude, behaviour and beliefs and also having over 25 years working in the disability sector. 

He has conquered many of the obstacles life has thrown at him, including almost losing his life in a farming accident at the age of 17.  This resulted in nearly completely severing the left arm and enduring 37 years of chronic pain due to the injury, exacerbated by the cold climate he lived in. In addition, he has suffered two breakdowns; one being after a surgical procedure gone wrong. Tim also experienced family trauma when his father was struck by lightning, soon followed by his brother suffering a brain haemorrhage, all this within 2 years of his own near death experience.

In here lies Tim’s amazing attitude to life as he has never felt sorry for himself, believing that his journey and life experience has made him who he is today.  The discovery that ‘gratitude’ is the key to his life, one of the many tools Tim now uses in his seminars to help others in their journey.

Tim worked in the disability sector for over 25 years, starting as a client, and then advancing to client service manager.  During the 1980’s when negative psychology was prevalent in the disability sector, due to his beliefs Tim implemented techniques and strategies that coincide with positive psychology, giving people the dignity of risk by believing in them.

Tim has gained numerous qualifications over several years and combines this with his wisdom relevant to his craft. He is setting out to enhance people’s lives in motivational speaking, life coaching and hypnotherapy. His portfolio includes such models as his ‘key to life’ and his inspirational ‘why factor’.

He attributes the transformation and betterment of his clients to his belief in saying “something in your eyes might not seem that important, but to that person it may mean the world”.

Tim is an inspirational man with a passionate and positive nature that is undeniable. Although he still suffers from debilitating pain from cold temperatures, numbness and daily pins & needles, Tim is forever grateful for his life, relevant to his journey.

So what is the philosophy he lives by? Live life, by making ‘every breath’ count.



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